AE Music Group, LLC. is a premier marketing and promotions agency serving all corners of the market with an unsurpassed niche in urban lifestyle. With music at the core of this culture, AE Music Group, LLC is situated where things really happen now: at the intersection of recording studios, radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers, entrepreneurs and fans converge. We are centered in a network of tight knit local relationships with a global platform. Our ability to activate and integrate these dynamic relationships with agility, efficiency and credibility knows no equal in the industry. Highly revered as a leader in the industry, AE Music Group, LLC converts years of experience at the forefront of urban culture and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our diverse platforms and services provide custom solutions that connect music, technology, people and culture in a way that is unique to the AE Music Group, LLC experience.


The Music Department is a fully functional promotion department that serves as an extension of AEMG, LLC. It successfully utilizes a combination of relationships and consistent follow through with music trendsetters that serve as record breakers globally to meet and exceed our client’s goals and expectations.

The Music Department covers all areas of music promotion, focusing on mixshow, college, club, online, and every other vital category that reaches music trendsetters across the world to guarantee the creation of a solid base for any artist. Here our promotion tactics range from one-one-one DJ calls to product cross promotions with various DJ’s, radio stations, and other key music outlets to gain support and spins on our clients behalf.  Our veteran captains are responsible for leading the direction of each project that we undertake. The strength of our captains is the ability to break a new record and immediately create a solid base for it that can then be used to develop extensive marketing and promotion initiatives. Following the initial synopsis on each project, they will outline a plan for maximum exposure and delegate responsibilities to the rest of the promotion team to move forward working your record on a month-to-month basis. The in-house staff is responsible for carrying out the plan crafted by the captains and use their relationships and years of music industry experience to gain airplay in select markets and/or targets. It is their insight, coupled with their captains that set the guidelines and execution of your project. As a complete team, they are responsible for communicating with DJ’s, Personalities, and Music & Programmers in their selected markets to ensure additional support and airplay.

Our overall vision behind the Music Department is to produce tangible results and increase the exposure of each project we lend our expertise to. Even when labeled the hardest record to work according to industry standards, still aims to create positive, beneficial results for our clients. This department does exactly that and more.

Why Is It So Important?
The Music Department is a hybrid promotion company that utilizes a combination of various off-line and on-line promotional tactics and outlets to break records nationally & internationally. Specializing in all forms of promotion, from advanced music follow-through to Urban & Rhythmic Radio airplay and audience, our department has developed priceless relationships that create results in both formats. Additionally, our department also concentrates on the “Record Breakers” who ultimately are responsible for introducing the music to the masses first. We compose and execute promotion plans tailored to your projects interests with the objective of gaining national radio airplay by monitored stations (BDS & Media Base). The Music Department works directly with radio professionals including Mixshow Jocks, On-Air Personalities, Music Directors, and programmers to obtain spin detections and rotations at all monitored stations, giving your project the advantage over other songs. Currently there are over 140 urban and rhythmic stations that we service, monitor and call daily.

Tracking Follow Up (Music Promotion Base Building)
After servicing your record through the Digital DJ Pool, it is essential to follow through with strategic, individual, outreach to each and every DJ and music trendsetter that downloads your projects music. Our in-house staff is responsible for reaching out to each person individually and creating additional airplay and opportunities for your project. Whether it’s an interview, show booking, or drop request, our job is to maximize your songs exposure and create a stronger base by reaching each member personally on your behalf.

Mixshow Promotion
Mixshows are specialty shows that allow DJs to mix records live on the air or submit pre-recorded mixes that are aired on commercial and non-commercial radio. For most records, this is the first tier of breaking records at radio because of the freedom that mixers have to be innovative. Mixshows give DJs the ability to break new records by playing them at an early stage and introducing new music to the masses. Mixshow slots can be as short as 10 minute “Quick Mixes” or as long as 72 hour “Mixshow Marathons”, but most mixshows are between 1 and 4 hours. What makes the mixshow format so unique is its freedom. This is still the primary radio format that allows music to be played on commercial radio without dealing with radio programming and/or politics.


What Does the Music Department Provide For My Project At Mixshow Radio?

With over 10 years of combined experience, the Music department brings unmatched energy and creativity to the mixshow game. By consistently creating new campaigns and using our unique relationships to reach mixshow goals, the Music Department has raised the bar for mixshow promotion. Our unique list of services is designed to break records through traditional and non-traditional campaigns to ensure that artists get the proper exposure needed to gain airplay and awareness.

Mixshow Servicing:
In addition to digital mixshow servicing, AEMG, LLC delivers both CD and/or vinyl to our 700 plus Rhythmic and Urban mixshow contacts as well as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems) and Media Base. This ensures complete tracking of artist airplay in all formats. For maximum exposure, AEMG, LLC also delivers your record to key mixer conference calls, DJ Organizations, and record pools such as the Technicians, Big Dawg Pitbulls, Heavy Hitters and Mix-show Power Summit affiliates. We also sponsor and service weekly station mixshow meetings.

Radio Servicing:
AEMG, LLC provides exclusive access to our Urban and Rhythmic station servicing lists. These lists contain contact information for all key Mixshow Jocks, Music Directors, and Program Directors for both formats.

Rotational Programs:
AEMG, LLC provides numerous strategies to work rotational programs for your artist at various Urban and Rhythmic radio formats. Rotational programs are usually arranged with a brand consultant or program director. Certain monitored radio stations exchange a guaranteed amount of spins for promotional items or artist support. For example, purchasing station t-shirts or getting an artist to perform at an event can guarantee a specific amount of spins.

Station Drop Production:
Promotion offers exclusive access to our radio drop lists and in-house recording studio facility. Our studio is capable of creating high quality drops that we can either digitally service to stations or we can provide mailing labels for your team to service to each station.

Record Calls & Outreach:
This is our most important service. Our mixshow team uses its well groomed industry relationships to make follow up calls on a single, 1 to 2 weeks after the record has been sent out to get airplay and feedback from the mixshow community. Our team uses a 6 to 8 week set-up window to judge the productivity of your artists’ record and to gauge the next step of your projects’ promotional campaign.
Drop Production & Servicing
Spinworld provides an extensive mixshow drop list for our clients. We also service the drops to mixshow DJs as well as station production managers.

This team plays a leading role in setting up market-to-market itineraries that allow your artist to create priceless relationships with mixshow jocks and on-air personalities. These
itineraries include station visits, mixer lunches and even personal home visits among other grass roots tactics.

Bi-Weekly Reports
We provide bi-weekly reports so you can see the development of your project or single. Our detailed reports are designed to showcase the progress of a record by region, station, and DJ’s personal feedback. These reports also help us promote and develop your artist in the best possible way.

Mixtape Promotion
AEMG, LLC has relationships with the vibrant record-breaking mixtape community. This outlet provides a groundbreaking platform for the majority talent nationally and is responsible for beginning the careers of today’s most successful artists. It is through our team effort that songs are strategically placed on key mix tapes to increase street awareness of your record.
College Radio Promotion
Spinworld also has extensive relationships with the college radio format. We provide everything from access to our college radio mailing list to providing record calls to each station and or deejay. The relationships that we have with college radio are instrumental in developing awareness within the college community. In many cases, college radio is the outlet through which we build a foundation for a record before embarking on a commercial radio campaign.
Our compilation mix-tape series is a custom promotional tool, which gives you the ability to brand your product or service in a way that makes a significant and memorable impression.

The Digital Music Meeting (DMM) is a multi-layer production that responds to the need to interact with the DJs, tastemakers, press, on-line, and consumer worlds simultaneously as you release new music. Instead of having several events that caters to each of these demographics separately, the music meeting provides the ultimate listening session that is inclusive of all these vital elements. Digital Music Meeting takes it to the next level moving beyond the average press and tastemaker attendees with their distinct accessibility to DJs and innovative online integration of the consumer fan base.

The DMM provides artists with the valuable opportunity to debut their new music to an invite only audience of active DJs, press, industry insiders, music critics, and the DMM staff. Though the event is exclusive in nature, the setting is very intimate, personal, and conversation based allowing the artist to really explain and discuss the project in an in-depth manner. In addition to the on-site audience, the vital consumer base receives unparalleled access via a live stream system that allows them to watch in real time online no matter their global location and at times to participate by posting questions online.

DMM ensures the music meeting is successful and creates a riveting buzz that reaches far beyond the actual event with a full marketing campaign that will subsequently service the professional video footage of the meeting to DMM large network of online media
resulting in high impact viral placements and heightened awareness. This is a truly efficient and advantageous opportunity for labels and artists to yield an immense return while reserving their own in house personnel and resources. Artists who have benefited from this service include Asher Roth, Lil Jon, MIMS, Nas and Damian Marley to name a few.

For a nominal budget the Music Meeting will provide the following:
• Complimentary Digital Wax Service Blast
• E-invite art design
• Venue
• Guest List of DJs, industry influencers, and press
• Catering and open bar of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
• Professional videographer services
• Live streaming of the Music Meeting
• DJ for the music meeting
• Host/moderator, which will consist of DMM staff member, alongside a popular radio or TV personality.
• Valuable, high quality footage for online distribution and in-house content
• Top line PR and marketing campaign that will service the photos and video to online and print media.

The Blast Live is DMM’s signature live concert series that delivers powerhouse stage performances by both chart topping stars and acclaimed rising artists from an eclectic variety of genres. DMM couples the appeal of its lineup with a high profile host for a delectable experience that is captured for internet simulcasting and postings. Situated in the nation’s largest market, The Blast has its home base in New York City but also journeys to major music festivals and events grabbing hold of national audiences.

The Blast has become a highly anticipated press laden event catering to an audience comprised of influential consumers, fans, music executives, media personnel, artists and socialites. It thrives off the fact that there is no comparable impact to that of a live performance and brings you what TV, web, and radio cannot. It is a wonderful experience for artists to showcase the heights of their artistic creativity and talent without normal parameters and gain paramount exposure with DMM’s marketing and publicity support.

In order to ensure participating artists receive the greatest benefit and The Blast is a success DMM provides the following:
• Artist coordination
• Event production staff
• Media placements expected as a result of this event
• Event logistics
• Art direction & production of all promotional materials and signage
• Electronic invite to DMM’s select list of industry contacts that includes: record label
execs, DJs, press, managers, publicists, and tastemakers
• Targeted public relations campaign to online, print and broadcast outlets
• Comprehensive marketing campaign for event
• Secured press attendance and coverage
• Online and offline promotion
• Professionally edited video and photographs
• Access to thousands of dollar’s worth of DMM services to fully compliment and market your brand

Other services include:
Digital Waxx Service – A purely web-based solution, the Digital Waxx Service allows us to service your music directly to djs and obtain instantaneous feedback.
Digital Waxx Record Pool – A tool exclusively for the djs allows users to browse through and download unlimited titles from our extensive catalogue of new and exclusive music.
Music Promotion – If you want to generate a radio picture for your artist, this is your solution. When bundled with the Digital Waxx Service, This helps you focus on getting spins from the djs in markets which count.
Digiboxx Digital Media Distribution System – Coming to a city near you!! The Digiboxx is a complete media solution which eliminates the need to sit at a computer to purchase music or videos, allowing media to be sampled and purchased on-the-go.

We look forward to your future business and helping you break your artist. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for additional info.
A purely web-based solution, the Digital DJ Pool Service allows us to service your music directly to Djs and obtain instantaneous feedback.

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