A&R Services

Spiritual Soul Services, through the auspices of Titus Musical Services, provides full service Artist Development through Branding, Artist Management, Marketing and Promotions, Career Training Exercises, Recording Agreements, Deal Acquisition and Booking Services.

Through SSS Artist Development division, each client will receive next level servicing to propel their career, whether a novice or seasoned veteran, to the next dimension of success. Our Strategic Team will offer systematic and realistic career planning, market placement for products and media, imaging, promotion acquisition and much more to put you in the driver’s seat for success!

(SSS) offers full service recording and online distribution for recording artists. Including recording, online store distribution, short-run manufacturing, marketing and promotions, and touring services.

 Artist and Repertoire:

• Image Branding

• Public Relations

• Catalog Development

• Strategic Career Development

• Promotional Acquisition

• Development and Composition of Client Biographies, Press Releases, Industry Resume,       Business materials (cards, letterhead, logo development, etc)

• Internet Presence – Social Media, Website, Blogs • Musical Genre and song choices for guaranteed market placement

Marketing and Promotions:

• Strategic Marketing Plan • Key Market Development • Promotion Engagement Acquisition • Television, Radio, Online and Periodical Interviews • Commercial Development and distribution • Video Development • Development of Marketing materials such as, Biographies, Press Releases, Cover Stories • Photo Shoot Management • Electronic Press Kit • Public Relations

Artist Management Administrative Operations

• Oversee business development in key areas such as PR, Media, Label Representation, Business Management, Legal Representation, Contract Review, Staffing, Touring,

• Development of Riders, Contracts, Hosting Requirements,

• Research, develop and execute career advancement and development opportunities

•Correspondence between Label Executives, PR/Marketing Team, Web Team, Administrative Team, Booking Agent • Develop a Strategic and Cohesive plan to manage the overall image, career development and other business ventures of Client.

• Creative and Business Oversight to development deals, new contracts, prospective deals, new releases, other products and projects supported by Client

• Financial Planning and Accounting

Booking Agent:

Coordinate and execute all engagement requests for clients including but not limited to, performances, appearances, concerts, tour, speaking engagements, celebrity appearances, PR requests and all other scheduled paid/non paid engagements • Coordinate all logistics including Travel, Accommodations, Staffing, Product Sales, Media and PR Acquisition within specified market

• Road Management and Touring Services • Business Administration onsite (Contracts, Site Visits, Technical Riders) • Financial Accounting on site

Titus Musical Services provides an array of musical solutions to clients to ensure they have a complete team steering them to musical success. From Vocal Coaching to songwriting, TMS will be ready to meet your musical needs.

Songwriting / In house songwriting coaching available for songwriters, to help take life experiences and put them into a lyrical masterpiece

• Songwriting coaching to enhance the artist abilities to express themselves through music. Learn the philosophy and fundamentals for soul singing and true musical artistry

• Gain better vocal stamina

• Gain more power within your natural/chest voice and your head voice • Gain wider vocal range within your natural/chest voice

• Gain more efficient breathing and air support for your vocal tone

• Gain the ability to sing dynamically

• Gain better overall vocal control

• Gain the knowledge of how to keep your voice in tip-top shape

• Learn to put the kind of heart and soul into your studio and live performances that will touch the very hearts of those who hear you.

What distinguishes Titus from many other vocal coaches is that he will be teaching you the “art” of singing; not just the techniques. With Titus, you will learn how to approach the songs you sing from the perspective of a true artist. This will bring about soulful and heartfelt performances every time you step onto a stage or into a studio to sing.

Musical Production Fresh and new -  Innovative musical production by Titus

• Musical arrangement • Custom made tracks created exclusively for the artist’s song

• Mixing

Background Vocalist Services:

• Background vocalist can be provided on a work for hire basis for recording sessions and live performances

Life Coaching Services:

• Artists are motivated to succeed in every aspect of their lives, not just in their musical endeavors.

• Motivation Conference Calls

• Life Management

• Listening and Inspirational Sessions

If there is a service not listed but needed, our acquisition team will work diligently to research and secure those services for our clients. We are dedicated to making artists as successful as they are talented.

We look forward to providing services your musical artistic needs!

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