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Abdul Entertainment was established in 1999, when Abdul Chestnut (CEO/Founder) volunteered to help his church, New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA) market their CD entitled (“With My Whole Heart” by Bishop James H. Morton) at his workplace (GTE  Mobile Communications).  New Beginning was so impressed with how efficiently he was selling the product; they promoted him to area retail marketing director.  His tenacity, persistence, pleasant business persona and customer service demeanor quickly garnered him recognition in the Atlanta gospel market as one of the most aggressive, up and coming sales associates in the independent arena.

His system was so customer friendly, the retail stores that normally placed their orders through distribution giant Central South, preferred to deal with him exclusively.  He then negotiated a deal with Select-O-Hits and other major national Christian Bookstores and retail outlets, so the product could be distributed nationwide.  Within weeks, “With My Whole Heart” had become one of the best selling CD’s and Videos in the country.  He quickly obtained additional clientele.  In 2000, He was approached by the late Dirk Chaney to assist him with the retail marketing & promotion of his project, Dirk Chaney & The Chosen Aggregation (“God is Great”).  Mr. Chaney was also, the minister of music/musical director for the Mississippi Mass Choir and various other choirs throughout the country and participated in the yearly GMWA festival.  He was also featured in the movie “The Preacher’s Wife”.

Minister Chaney saw something in the gifted 26 year-old and told him that he had a “natural gift” in this field and encouraged him to make a career out of it.  From the success of those 2 projects and the relationships that were developed, he was able to start his own independent record label.  In January 2001, Abdul Entertainment released its first project La’Trese (self-entitled).  It was a marvelous collection of neo-soul, R&B/Hip-Hop that was well received in the local Philadelphia area and several international markets.

In January 2003, following the elections, the rising gas prices, the unstable economic state our country was in, the reduction of funding for social services programs, the removal of arts and music from school curriculum, the closing of libraries and recreation centers across the country; AE released its second project titled “Peace Suite” by The Chestnut Brothers, an EP featuring a collage of inspirational r&b/contemporary gospel songs.  Several of which, were/are used as anthems for a plethora of anti-violence and social consciousness organizations that fight for change, equality, human rights and justice. The highlight of the record is the song “Travelin’ On” which was heralded as the best “dance” record of the year in the U.K., Europe & Japans’ underground markets.




Due to ever increasing poverty, crime and unemployment affecting our nation, The Chestnut Brothers will be re-releasing the CD domestically in early 2007.  Under the banner of “We’ve Had Enuff- It’s Time For A Change,” they are now being hailed as “The Musical Voice For A New America.”

In August 2003, Abdul Entertainment started an outreach ministry/community relations division called The “Save Our Children” Campaign.  It was an initiative to provide programs for neighborhood youth in Philadelphia. Ultimately, The Campaign ended up producing 27 events.  Founder Abdul Chestnut was acknowledged as one of the youngest and most prolific community activist in Philadelphia history.   He was invited to speak at various anti-violence functions and retained to coordinate youth violence-preventative programs for several organizations and churches.  He was also a key figure in an Emergency Crime Summit that was called by Senator Arlen Spector; which addressed the “Assault Weapons Ban” lapse and the rise in youth related violence in the Philadelphia metro area.

A new standard for mentoring youths was implemented; utilizing music, arts, celebrities, radio personalities and partnerships with media outlets (tv and print media); in conjunction with communities, schools, political officials and law enforcement agencies, made an immediate positive impact.  In 2006, The Campaign passed the torch, relocated and set up shop in Atlanta.  It is now called God’s Pod Outreach Ministry; working in tandem with the newly annointed Stop the Violence Movement.  Which, will encompass a youth and community economic empowerment project; in collaboration with both, the Stop The Violence program and Essence Magazine’s Essence Cares project. This collaborative effort is designed to serve various communities and religious organizations throughout the country. Along with, rendering aide and assistance to hospitals, daycare centers, college students, single parent & low income family households.

In addition to the community service initiatives, the entertainment division was re-established to include a positive outlet for youths to creatively express themselves through alternative (non-mainstream) music.  Due to the fact that we now have several subsidiary companies that offer various services (marketing, promotions, artist development, event planning, production, CD manufacturing, graphic design, web hosting, etc.) and 2 recording studios; we are now called Abdul Entertainment Music Group.  We pride ourselves on being pioneers and innovators for the musical future and will continue to set a standard for good, clean and wholesome music.

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